As The Diamond Burns

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An improvised soap opera performed by the group Hot Lather at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in 2008 and 2009. As the Diamond Burns follows a form where each "episode" was a stand-alone show; no prior experience with past shows were needed to enjoy the current show. As the Diamond Burns follows a form where snippets of scenes from "last week's episode" were improvised in an opening to generate information for the show. As the Diamond Burns employs returning characters, although their backstory and relationships would vary from show to show.


Mike Cavanaugh, Matt Fisher, Jon Gutierrez, Molly Lloyd, Anna Rubanova, Achilles Stamatelaky, Mike Still, Abra Tabak, Andrée Vermeulen, Paul Welsh.

Musical accompaniment by Ari Scott.

Directed by Rob Webber (who has also directed Chastity Cove, another improvised soap opera performed at UCBT). Other coaches have included Porter Mason, Amey Goerlich, Neil Casey and Shannon O'Neill.


Hot Lather for a complete cast list, character list and episode guide.