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The Monologue Deconstruction is a longform improv form commonly referred to as the Armando. It is one of the most popular, most often-performed improv formats in existence.


A Monologue Deconstruction is a longform improv structure in which actual stories inspire improvised scenework. It is very important that the stories reflect true events, feelings, and opinions held by the speaker, and are packed with as much detail as possible. The improvisors are challenged to expand minute pieces of information within the stories as opposed to recreating the events held within. Usually a special guest monologist provides the stories, although in absence of a special guest the players themselves can tell monologues. Monologues may occur solely at the beginning of the piece, or they may punctuate the piece every few scenes. The suggestion can either be a generic improv ask-for (like a word or a phrase) or it can be a specific question for the monologist to try and answer.

The Monologue Deconstruction is sometimes referred to as The Armando, after Armando Diaz, due to the notable show The Armando Diaz Experience, Theatrical Movement and Hootenanny.


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