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Apollo is a New York City based Lloyd Team at The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. They perform Harolds on Lloyd Night at the UCB East Theatre. Their first show was May 8, 2013.

Their starter name was SUSAN.


See Also: Lloyd Night Rosters.

Current: Jon Bershad, Caitlin Bitzegaio, Brian Fithian, Sal Gentile, Martha Hearn, Sydney Hollis, Brady O'Callahan, John Purcell.

Cage Match

Apollo became the second LLoyd Team to ever win Cage Match (the first being Graceland) and the first to ever win more than once.

7/18/13 - Apollo vs. Death By Roo Roo

Apollo: 80 - WINNER / Death By Roo Roo: 79

7/25/13 - Apollo vs. Big Margaret

Apollo: 86 - WINNER / Big Margaret: 44

8/1/13 - Apollo vs. What I Did For Love

Apollo: 66 / What I Did For Love: 93 - WINNER

Notable Apollo Show Moments

- Harriet Tubman Action Figure

- Martha as an overly aggressive mother, putting her children against the wall and screaming "Put your hands in the zone."

- John trying to hand out diplomas, but everyone slipping on ice.

- Jon editing as a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent gathering characters from each scene for a super group of third beats.

- In a scene where everyone had thrown chairs in frustration, Sal walked on, chair in hand, and Sydney quickly asked, "Woah, is that a gun?" That chair was then a gun.


- Apollo's intro music is Pictureplane's "Goth Star".

- Apollo is coached by Don Fanelli.

- Apollo affectionately calls each other Apollbros.

- Apollo collectively has an affinity for Bud Light Lime, or BLL's as they call them.

- Apollo dressed as goths for Halloween Harold Night on 10/29/13

- Brady's college friend Lindsey is on an iO Chicago Harold Team, also named Apollo. An Apollo vs. Apollo show could maybe happen.

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