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The Apocalypse is a form created by Will Hines in 2009 during the End of the World class at the Upright Citizens Brigade New York. It uses the genre of apocalyptic fiction (and other speculative fiction tropes).


A single suggestion is taken. The form consists of two halves. The first half is an Eventé, the opening scene of which culminates in the end of the world (meteor striking the Earth, aliens invading, zombies over running everyone, etc). The second half is a Monoscene that takes place some time after the events of the first half, perhaps a post apocalypse or dystopian world.

Music and Dress

Half the class would perform the evente, then the other would perform the monoscene. No intermission. The first half would end with a slow fade while the theme from Suspiria played. The second half faded out to "Under the Rainbow."

Everyone in the class wore half black, half bright solid color.