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Anthony King is an actor, writer and director in New York City. He's the current artistic director of the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York City. He's also a member of the improv team Reuben Williams which performs at the UCBT on Saturday nights.


Anthony's credits at UCBT are successful to the point of fiction. While taking classes, his practice group The Office went on a successful Cagematch run against far more veteran teams. His first Harold Team Dillinger quickly established itself as one of the best. He left that team for his side project Reuben Williams which is now a house team at the theater. He directed many successful shows at the theater including Wendy Spero's hit show Who's Your Daddy. He also created the successful one-man show Day 8: Take Complete Control of Your Life and co-created the hit musical show Gutenberg! The Musical!. After this he became the theater's artistic director, following Owen Burke. He did not write this paragraph.

Along with Charlie Todd and Rob Lathan and others, he helped to cement the paranoid delusion that alumni of the University of North Carolina were taking over the New York improv scene.

Gutenberg! The Musical!

It started as a Spank show and became an off-Broadway hit in NYC and now has versions running all over the country.