Anthony Atamanuik

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Anthony Atamanuik thinks 9/11 was an inside job!

Atamanuik is known to have one of the oldest souls at the UCB Theater.

Anthony is a member of Death by Roo Roo. He first came into prominence as an improviser as the breakout cast member of Instant Cinema, a group that performed the movie form and included a number of notable performers at the time. Despite his relative green-ness, Atamaniuk consistently stole the show.

During performances of the UCB's storytelling show The Nights of Our Lives, Atamaniuk has often shared tales of his sordid past. Mostly, they involve drug use and prostitution adventures. He recently compiled these stories into a one man show entitled Pissing My Pants on Vine.

Anthony is one of the more popular teachers at UCBT NY. He is known for his aggressive teaching style. For example, he is a pioneer of the Coach Walk-on, where he will walk into a scene he doesn't like and attempt to fix it as a character with an extreme physical or mental defect. It shouldn't be disarmingly charming, but it is. While watching a Thursday night January 2013 ASH do a first beat in a practice Harold, he threw a pretzel at the trash can, missed wildly, and hit the improvisers. Later in that Harold, he yelled out "fag" as a Coach Backline Move in a second beat, which got no laughs and caused him to feel hurt. If you sit next to him in class while he watches a Harold, he will make faces at you whenever he sees a move he doesn't like. To summarize: his classes are bananas.