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Andrea Jones-Rooy is a member of Daystallion and a graduate student at the University of Michigan.

She graduated from Connecticut College in 2004, where she majored in International Relations, Chinese Language and Literature, and Econ. She also got a dance minor. Thus she achieved her only true victory in life.

Now she is a Ph.D. Candidate in Political Science at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, where the weather is slightly worse than it was in Connecticut. She's an IGERT-IDEAS fellow at the Center for the Study of Complex Systems.

Her dissertation is on adaptability of groups to changes in their strategic environment. She also does work on Culture and Institutions with Professors Jenna Bednar and Scott Page. Other research, in no particular order, is on international relations (esp. security issues), cognition, identity, and East Asia (esp. China).

She's also interested in psychology, sociology, anthropology, organizations, biology, and ecology ... basically, anything that ends in -ology. Even chronology, to a point. She recently discovered a volume of a journal on resilience in ecological systems and it probably changed her entire life.