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Ampers&nd was a show created, produced and hosted by Dave Furfero (later hosted by Alex Marino) weekly at the Magnet Theater. The level of talent and patient scenework made this show a favorite for serious improvisors to perform in and to attend.

It was described by its creator as "a weekly showcase of New York's most talented comedy twosomes performing seriously funny, beautifully tragic improvised scenes."


The show consisted of three two-person groups, performing either a single long scene or a short montage of scenes. There were generally no suggestions taken; each group would come out to a blackout with music playing, start their scene, and perform for 10-20 minutes.


Performers at Ampers&nd included the best and brightest local improv performers and teachers in the community. Some duos were established before Ampers&nd; some formed just for the purposes of the show; others have performed together since. Sometimes the show would feature actual couples improvising together, which was adorable.

A listing of the performing duos can be found on the show's website.