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Member of the improv group known as Krompf, The Washingtons, Oh Boy!, Abadaba, Spoiled space monkey's, Fart Police, Filth, Wicked Fuckin' Queeah, Chica go go, Thrashers UCB shows runs Film noir, the Harold Team team Filth The Documentary UCB CREDITS: Krompf, Film Noir Improv, Sunnyside Up Players, Amey's Kids Films, UCBW (Rat Don't Care & Ben Franklin), The Ol' Factory: Krompf sketch show, Wicked Fuckin' Queeah, Darkside of the Moon, FILTH UCB harold team, Your Favorite Thing, The Documentary, After School Super Power Hour, Filet o Film, Bernat & Goerlich Doin' the Doc, Fight Night, Del Close Marathon 2002-20016, July 4 show:written by Krompf

Films: Krompf - Cufflinks, Rat don't care! Channel 102 - The F.N.G.R #2, Death Stroke Cartoon: Positive Reinforcement

Amey has directed and or coached over 400+ improvisation groups/sketch teams and off broadway productions. UCB Maude Teams: (MIX TAPE 98', THE SKUNTZ, 27 KIDNEYS) Other UCB: HOT LATHER, Killgore The Musical (asst. director/art director), The Documentary UCB class (co-teacher w/ Billy Merrit)

Armando Diaz & other shows: OrcPit, CORN the movie, Drinky Town - Pleasure Island, Ameygirl & The Superfriends. The Project.

TV: The Food Network Giving you the Business, Doc Day promos on Sundance Channel, Raising Mccain, PBS create channel. She Taught Film/TV Production/Theatre/Improvisation/Acting at Elementary Schools around NYC 2001-2015.

Hometown: Nashua, New Hampshire

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