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Almost Atlanta is an improv group in Chicago. They currently perform a two act show called "too play" or "just the play". It's a two act show where during the intermission, the cast consults with a guest playwright who makes suggestions about what should happen in the second half.


Annie Calhoun, Ted Tremper, Annie Donley, TJ Jagodowski, Noah Gregoropoulos, Linda Orr, Rebecca Sohn, and Brian Wilson.

Directed by Scott Woldman.

Guest artists have included: Marissa Wegemeyer, Sarah Gubbins, Scott Woldman, Alex Fendrich and Lisa Scott.


The show has had runs at iO Theater, A Red Orchid Theatre, and Donny's Skybox, The Annoyance and the Steppenwolf Garrage. They will be performing at the 2012 Chicago Improv Festival.