Alexis Pereira

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Alexis "Alex Pereira" Pereira (pronounced Pelagrino) is a New York City improviser, writer, stand-up, and actor. He was on the UCB Harold Team Mr. Crime from June 2011 to March 2012. He has been in UCB Advanced Study Performances "The Convergence" and "12 Angry Improvisers."

Alexis also wrestles in the UCBW as the "Parking Attendant."

Boy Butter

Pereira has been on indie team Boy Butter since its inception in the Fall of '09. They beat The Curfew 83-65 in UCB's Cagematch on June 2nd, 2011. If Boy Butter were the Beatles he'd be Lennon/McCartney.


Alexis is both a girl and boys name. It is unknown if Alexis is a girl or a boy.