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The Adoricorns were an improvisational comedy group formed in July of 2006 by Tara Copeland for Terry Jinn's The Project at the The Peoples Improv Theatre.


The Adoricorns were: Tara Copeland (Taracorn), Nick Zimmerman (Nickicorn), Paul W. Downs (Paulicorn), Garrett Palm (Garrecorn), George Basil (Georgicorn), and Marcy Jarreau (Marcicorn).


The Adoricorns hold record for most votes in one night, 70, during the final incarnation of The Project. They played from July 2006 until their untimely demise in November 2007.

The name Adoricorns is a portmanteau meaning Adorable and Unicorn.


Adoricorns's Official T-Shirt