Adam Bozarth

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Adam Bozarth is an improviser based in New York City. He currently performs on the teams The Stamp & Coin Club, Four Really Good Friends, 1997 Chrysler Sebringprov, and ImproVérité: The Documentary. He also a wrestles in the UCBW as part of a tag team called The Mountain Men with his tag-team partner John Robert Wilson.

He has studied improv under Lennon Parham, Eric Scott, Joe Wengert, Charlie Todd, Anthony King, Porter Mason, Christina Gausas and Will Hines. He also is surprised Dave Bluvband knows so much about his improv academic career.

He has worked as a Contributing Writer for the Onion News Network, and has been featured on McSweeney's Internet Tendency. He also maintains a personal weblog.

He is referred to by some as Dr. Bozo.