A Sparrow

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A Sparrow is a UCB NY Harold Team.


Patrick Claire, Erik Dies, Brian Glidewell, Brandon Gulya, Diana Kolsky, Cory Palmer, Kate Riley, and John Timothy

Naming Themselves

When A Sparrow was formed, all the new, shaken up teams were given starter names that were anagrams of Neil Casey. A Sparrow's was A New Licey. In an email thread two days after they were formed, Diana mentioned she "had always wanted to be on a team called "A Sparrow"'. That was about it. The name "The Improvocats" was thrown in for good measure, but ultimately, Diana's first suggestion was agreed upon very quickly and that was that.


  • After less than two months on the team, Kate Riley was traded to the NHL team The Chicago Blackhawks by Erik Dies. A Sparrow took on new member Pavel Datsyuk, much to Kate's horror.