9 Famous Irishmen

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Is a group that performs improv, sketch and musical comedy where ever it is humanly possible to do so.


9 Famous Irishmen (or 9FI) was created by Kelly Kreye in June of 2007. There were originally 11 potential members in 9FI - Mike Kroll, Shawn Wickens, Joe Morgan, Emily James, Greg Moss, Sean Faeth, Brian Douglas, Julie Lake, Andrew (?), Rus Garafalo and Kelly Kreye.

After a meeting of a number of these people in a bar, named McKenna's, the group decided on a name from a poster on the wall of the bar. The poster was a blow up of the original news paper article describing the origins of the 9 Famous Irishmen.

After a couple of practices the group became a smaller number of 7 with Joe, Sean, Shawn, Greg, Brian, Mike and Kelly continuing on with the group.

The group began performing at New Team Battle at The Peoples Improv Theater on Thursday nights and opening for various groups and shows around the New York City area.

Due to other commitments Shawn Wickens left 9FI leaving the group with 6 members. Then due to work and financial constraints Mike Kroll had to leave the group as well.

The group continued on performing at NTB and various other shows while playing with different forms and openings. Once 9FI built up its confidence and had a solid core they began putting up shows at Gotham City Improv.

After a couple of month long runs at Gotham City Improv another member Joe Morgan left for brighter pastures and a short while after Sean Faeth and Brian Douglas did the same.

A new member joined 9FI - Mike Ferraira. Another three members were added to 9FI in July of 2008 - Christian Paluck, Jana Schmeilding and Greg Dubin. Due to work conflicts and differences in artistic styles only one of the them stayed; Greg Dubin.


9FI is now a retired group.