30,000 Kilohertz of Sound

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A long-form improv show in the dark which uses audio samples found on shortwave radio as inspiration for scenes. Debuted at the Magnet Theater.

A Halloween version of the show, 30,000 kHz of Evil, uses sound samples from movie trailers, radio plays, and other random sources.

Original cast: Brigid Boyle, Kevin Cragg, Dan Fairall, Eden Gauteron, Damon Ketron

Past guests: Armando Diaz, Megan Gray, Jonathon Kaplan, David Levin, Michael McFarland, Ernie Privetera, Joe, Randazzo, Alexis Saarela, Ashley Ward

Produced by: Shawn Wickens

.Mp3s of some past shows are available at http://www.30000khz.com