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[[Jill Donnelly]], [[Chris Kelly]], [[Guy Patton]], [[Craig Rowan]], [[Jim Santangelli]], [[Nate Shelkey]], [[Andree Vermuellen]].
[[Jill Donnelly]], [[Chris Kelly]], [[Guy Patton]], [[Craig Rowan]], [[Jim Santangeli]], [[Nate Shelkey]], [[Andree Vermuellen]].

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27 Kidneys is one of four UCB Theater House Maude Teams formed in February 2008. They have monthly shows at the UCB in New York City, usually on the 2nd Monday of the month.


Dan Bookbinder, Chris Kelly, Christine Nangle, Guy Patton, Lee Rubenstein, Ben Stadler.


Jill Donnelly, Chris Kelly, Guy Patton, Craig Rowan, Jim Santangeli, Nate Shelkey, Andree Vermuellen.


March 2008 Michael Delaney

April-May 2008 Lennon Parham

June 2008 Ryan Karels

July 2008 Amey Goerlich

August-October 2008 DC Pierson

November 2008 Ryan Karels

Past Writers/Performers

Brandon Bassham - Writer

Winston Noel - Actor