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Before the Planet Wide Web , investors had to call up a broker to get the current price of stocks or appear up yesterday's closing quotes in the newspaper. Nowadays, stock costs are available on money websites all over the Internet . Even better, you can add a widget to your own Web page that will show the price tag of stocks or indexes that you choose.

Difficulty: Moderately Uncomplicated Instructions

1 Utilize your browser to locate a investment widget that is displays the kind of facts you would like to display on your website. A widget is tiny tad of HTML code that performs any useful function on any web page. Websites for example Yahoo Widgets, SaneBull and StockWidgets.net make available a extensive range about monetary widgets. Browse widgets with category or use the website search device to look with specific widgets of interest.

2 Click the "Make Widget" or a similarly-named button to begin the installation process. The installation process will vary depending on the widget you choose and what kind about web site you contain. Follow the instructions provided with each widget. For example, when downloading financial widgets from Yahoo Widgets, you'll be asked to download a small program called Yahoo Installer to facilitate the procedure.

3 Install the widget on your website. The code may be posted automatically after you present the URL of the page wherever you'd for instance to display the widget or you may be required to copy and paste the HTML code directly onto your site. On a website where the code remains added to the page automatically, you may well be able to reposition the widget with mousing over the widget, then remaining-click, hold, and drag the widget to a new position.