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...For Richard Stands is an independent improv group that has performed at Under St. Mark's, Gotham City Improv, Red Room, The Creek, The PIT, Variety Underground, The Lorelei and Sparks Cafe—where UCB used to be?

Current Members

Its current UCB Theatre-trained members, in alphabetical order of first name, are: Brendan Regan, Matt Stroup, Mike Camerlengo, Miles Klee and Zack Verhoff.

Former Members

Former members/traitors include:

  • Renaissance man Dru Johnston, who between his self-indulgent blog and constantly not getting laid, just didn't have time to be funny. Right now he is haggling over cheap food served out of a truck.
  • Soap opera actor and AIG henchman Michael Boothroyd, who swears that in the 1980s, playing the Kate Bush LP Hounds Of Love would automatically get you laid. He is the primary source for this claim.


A common misconception is that ...For Richard Stands does all its shows in honor of someone named Richard Stands. What's certain is that at least two of its players have run afoul of a gang that wielded long fluorescent lightbulbs as weapons.

Influence Of Chelsea Clarke

Longtime coach Chelsea Clarke managed to make them think that doing a walk-on as a cat was always okay.

Mike Still Is Proud Of Them

They like to think that current coach Mike Still is proud of them, especially following their fine Cagematch showing against Death By Roo Roo, and their drunken honor in inevitable defeat.

The Ellipsis

The ellipsis is intentional.