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Terry Withers is a superhuman improviser. Terry has a theater background. While living in NYC, he was member of the UCBT Harold team Sandino and the indie supergroups SMIRK, and FUCK THAT SHIT. He was a founding member of the short-lived The Project team Afternow. Tery was a house performer & teacher at UCBNY and also served in Senior Management for the theater.

Terry started improvising in 2007. In NYC he created a number of cult-favorite improv comedy shows, including "Short Form Is The Only Art Form", "They Are Lying To You About Diapers", "The (New) David Mamet Play" (with co-creator Hunter Nelson), and "Fresh Meat". In 2016 Terry left NYC and UCB to begin a career as a touring improv artist, educator, and business consultant. He has toured the nation extensively with "The (New) David Mamet Play" and other shows of his creation, including "Paranormal Comedy" and "Improvisers of Fortune".

Recently Terry began[1] The Radical Agreement Project [2], a Learning & Development laboratory that offers weekly free training sessions[3] on improv's application to professional development.


  • Terry's favorite word is "meniscus."
  • Terry does not believe in science.
  • His best friend is Fat Penguin's Alan Starzinski.
  • The only movie Terry has ever seen is "The Karate Kid".
  • Terry's REAL best friend is Phil the Secret Donkey Man, aka Aaron Jackson of Sandino
  • Terry performs with Indie Team Fuck That Shit (A Comedy Team) under the alias Comedy's Werry Tithers
  • On the UCB Longform Conversations podcast, Will Hines referred to Terry as "The Rat King of the Triple Crown Basement"
  • Terry is proud of his Crunchbase [4], Speakerhub [5], and F6S [6] profiles, which might be considered unusual for an improviser.
  • Terry recently started blogging out of desperation. Here is a sample blog post: [7]
  • Terry's UCB Comedy profile is woefully out of date. [8] How long will he leave it that way?
  • In March of 2021 Terry started The Improv Workplace Challenge[9], an online improvised web series using only HR professionals as cast members [10].