Morgan Phillips

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Current Groups

Big Revival, Sheep Meadow, Captain Crunch.

Former/Inactive Groups

Snacks, The Made-Up Musical, Kosmos (A.K.A. Diamond Lion), Get Paid, Chairman Golem, Moonfight, Baby Wants Candy (Touring Company), Immediately Great, Bearded, Maelstrom, France, Pony Party, Casino, Caligula, Mono y Mono, Chicago City Limits (Touring and Resident Companies), The Monday Night Musical, Factory Factory, Crush The Infamous Thing, Creek Weasel, Cargo Cult, four 3 on 3 teams (including 2010 finalists GLADWELL), and Swarthmore College's Vertigo-Go.

Improv Training


Morgan has been studying and performing improv on a regular basis since 1994, and he loves sharing his accumulated impro-wisdom via coaching. He has a B.A. in Theatre Studies from Swarthmore College, and he took an Improv Coaching class with Armando Diaz.

Teams he's been lucky enough to work with include Adorable, Alcatraz, American Cousin, Los Banditos Del Canto, BEEES!!!, The Best, The Cascade, Charlie Carrot, Chester, The Chinese Army, Choral Rage, Dam Science, Donna, Dream Catchers, Dreamboat, Dumpster Tequila, East Side Orphan Riot, Eddie Spice, Jr., Estrogentlemen, Fancy Mantelpiece, Florida, Gadget, Gypsy, Hemlock, Hollywood, Kansas, Hooligans, Inc., Hot Diner, Human Pyramid, I Speak Jive, It's A Wonderful Life, Janet, Jeff Fahey is TRON, Jerkface, JTT, King Canute and Grendel's Mother, Legend, Lunch Break Tantra, Mint Condition, Miracle Baby, The Mondays, Monsieur Schmaltz, The Montels, Moscow River Sharks, The Neighborhood, North Coast, Petting Zoo, Photobomb, Pou & Nic, Power Nap, Proverbial Loons, Rat King, Rosencrantz, Salamander Jesus, Scatterbomb, The Shady Bunch, Sheeple, Snaggletooth, Solarium, Spooky Ghost, The Strangers, Teenage Cop, Ten Pound Ally, Tesla, THEM, Tickles, TidbiT, Trifuckta, Vertigo-Go, The Washingtons, Weekend of Regret, Wicked City, Zamboni, and many yet-to-come-up-with-a-name practice groups.


  • Morgan's "funny" writing appeared in the first three issues of McSweeney's (though his contribution to #2 was a reprint from the website, and in a very tiny font).
  • Morgan was the only audience member to stay awake for the entirety of the first Del Close Marathon.
  • In 2010 Morgan kept a running tally of the time he devoted to improv. His total for the year was 759.5 hours.
  • Morgan unsuccessfully auditioned for the UCB Harold/Lloyd program 11 times before being placed on a team.
  • Morgan has his very own website. [1]