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Improvisor, director, teacher and coach. Currently in Chicago.



Kevin was a member of Frank Booth, Inside Vladimir (the middle years), the IO Road Show, Ice Nine, Gigawatt and Arsenal.



Kevin is currently performing in Joy Joy Tragedy and Mullaney Chain.

Kevin performed in Frank Booth in the Blue Velvet Lounge, Harold on the Holyrood, The Armando Diaz Experience, Theatrical Movement and Hootenanny, Therapy, Möbius American Theatre and Tracers. He directed the IO Road Show, The Way We Never Were, Tracers, Retraced, Individually Wrapped, The Swarm in Slow Waltz Around Rage Mountain, the Naked Babies in F*ck the Machine and was the assistant director for Naked. He created the Cage-Match, which has had long runs in Chicago, New York and several other cities in the US and Canada, and also the Annual 3 on 3 Improv Tournament at UCBT. He performed with Sonic Doom at Gorilla Tango Theatre and on Cop Squad an incubator team at The Playground Theater.


Kevin is also an actor, here are some of the roles he has performed:

  • Jim Lewis in Will Act For Food's production of Jack's Precious Moment (by Samuel D. Hunter), February, 2012. [1]
  • Jack Dawkins in Caffeine Theatre's production of The Oxford Roof Climber's Rebellion (by Stephen Massicotte), March-April, 2012. [2]


Kevin first taught Improv at ImprovOlympic in Chicago (1997-1999) and then moved to New York to teach at the UCB Theatre (1999-2006) where he also served as the Artistic Director (2001-2003) and the Class Administrator (2003-2005). He has also been a guest teacher at Second City in Chicago.

Kevin Mullaney's contributions to the UCB Theater's development can not be underestimated. He was an early mentor to many of the theater's top improvisers for many years, starting with a workshop he taught while visiting New York before his eventual move to the city.

Furthermore, Kevin has never worked a job at the UCB Theater that wasn't divided up into multiple positions when he left it. He often worked so hard that those who cared about him worried that he was pushing himself past the brink of sanity.

Other Projects

  • Is one of the Co-Artistic Directors of the Chicago Improv Festival for 2012.
  • Kevin created the Improv Resource Center website, as well as this wiki you are reading right now.
  • He founded the annual UCBT 3x3 Tournament
  • He founded a long run of weekly poker games.
  • As noted above, he created Cage-Match.
  • He wrote the first draft of the curriculum for the UCBT classes.


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