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Curtis Gwinn is a longtime member of the UCB community, performing and teaching for more than 8 years. He has studied improv under Amy Poehler, Ian Roberts, Michael Delaney and Armando Diaz.

His credits include writing for the Onion, MTV's Human Giant, Comedy Central and FOX Searchlight Pictures. He has appeared in sketches for Conan O'Brien, the cult hit film Blackballed: The Bobby Dukes Story and is currently co-starring in a new series (which he also created and co-wrote) for Adult Swim called, Fat Guy Stuck in Internet with longtime comedy partner John Gemberling.

Curtis can be seen in some of the best shows at the UCBT. He performs every Saturday night at 9pm with his acclaimed improv ensemble, Death by Roo Roo and every month in the storytelling show, The Nights of Our Lives.

Curtis Gwinn is a man's man of the highest caliber. He is a constant reminder that you can take all your artsy fartsy fucking bullshit and throw down for real in a way that's not pretentious at all. If there was an apocalyptic event tomorrow, Curtis would be one of the only members of the UCB community with enough grit to survive, along with Ryan Karels, Nate Lang, and Shannon O'Neill.

He is also considered one of the hottest guys at UCBT. Many women see him perform and continue to go to his shows simply to see him wear his adorable sweaters and glasses.

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